Orientation to the City Changers Model - Alan Platt

Please complete these questions in preparation for your group discussion.

1. Explain your understanding of what you would like to see change in your ministry to bring greater focus in the three outcomes:

  • Reaching the Lost - Sharing Faith With the Community ___________________________________________
  • Healing the Pain - Taking Love to the Community ___________________________________________
  • Restoring the Brokenness - Bringing Hope to the Community ___________________________________________

2. Explain your understanding of how each of the three agencies below take Faith, Love and Hope to the Community:

  • Missional Individuals - Raising and Releasing City Changers ___________________________________________
  • Missional Community - Local Church Engaging the Community ___________________________________________
  • Missional Ecosystem - Working in Unity With Other Kingdom Role Players ___________________________________________

3. On a scale of 1-10 plot your position in terms of the effectiveness of your ministry in the three agencies:

  • Missional Individuals ___________________________________________
  • Missional Community ___________________________________________
  • Missional Ecosystem ___________________________________________

Download the PDF with these questions and empty fields here.

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