Calling --- 30 September 2021

Jesus answered this very important question for his market place leaders:

When we see our work as our worship to God we get a new perspective on our calling.

LW-Glocal-02 Calling Jesus Journey.pdf

The Call by Os Guinness is a brilliant book on calling.

We have included a summary of the book that you can download to get a taste of it. Our recommendation is that you do buy the book and read it in its entirety.

The Call book summary.pdf

We get the most out of our Lifework Journey when we apply our knowledge in a timely manner. The downloadable circle chart below is designed to facilitate the implementation of ideas during your journey.

Step1: Jot down one idea that stood out for you.

Step2: Decide right now who you will share this with.

Step 3: Consider its application in your home, work, city, and church or nonprofit. 

LW-Glocal-02 Calling-Circle Chart.pdf

Personal Goal setting and Application

1. From the session content what is most critical for you to put into practice in your leadership? How will you apply it to your leadership?

2. Identify and write down 1 or 2 goals and action plans? What will you do, when with whom?

3. Be prepared to demonstrate the application of your answer to question one in a meaningful way.

For the next meeting be prepared to answer:

1. What did you learn from carrying out your leadership goal?

2. What were the results? How did it affect your effectiveness as a leader?

3. What has changed in how you lead. How will you know when you have successfully made that change?

Review a video of the core contributions to our meeting here

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