First Week | GOAL: What is in it for me? (GET)

In your first week, it is essential to discuss your journey with God and your expectations for your journey within Doxa Deo with a leader at your Campus/SMU. Here are some suggestions to guide your discussion.

1. Discuss your journey with God with a leader at your Campus/SMU.

2. Discuss how you came to hear about Doxa Deo.

3. Discuss the expectations of your journey with Doxa Deo.

Watch the following video as Alan Platt, our Founder and Visionary Leader, discusses some of the vision and history of Doxa Deo.

There are some meaningful discussions to have in the first week of your orientation journey. Be sure to:

1. Get introduced to your fellow Campus/SMU staff members.

2. Go on a tour of your Campus/SMU with your Manager/SMU Leader.

As you and your leader discuss your FIT within your Campus/SMU team, the following evaluations will aid in the discussion:

* MBTI Test (Click on THIS LINK to complete the test and email your results to your SMU/Campus leader.)

* 3 Colours of Ministry (Spiritual Gifts) Evaluation (Once you have received an email from Amanda Nel, [email protected], click on THIS LINK to complete the test and email your results to your SMU/Campus Leader.)

Please contact Amanda if you have not heard from her by the end of week one.

In your appointment process, you need to ensure that you have received all necessary documentation and had any pertinent discussions via your Campus/SMU Manager/Leader or directly from/with Fred Strydom. If you have not received your paperwork, please speak to your Campus/SMU Manager/Leader or email Fred Strydom directly ([email protected]). Ensure that you have received the following:

1. Your Appointment Letter (from Fred Strydom via your manager/leader).

2. Discuss remuneration/compensation.

3. Discuss employee benefits.

4. Get your contract and forms to complete from your manager.

5. Please make sure your Campus/SMU Manager/Leader gets all of your completed forms.

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