Second Week | GOAL: What can I do? (GIVE)

Doxa Deo's Founder and Visionary Leader, Alan Platt, has written a few books which explain our theology and story. One of those is "Not Do But Done". Make sure to read the book or watch the eight-part video series over the next few weeks and discuss it with one of the leaders at your SMU/Campus. You can download a PDF copy of the book below or watch the video series at the link below.

You must get to know our culture and connect with relevant people in your new work environment. We suggest that you do the following:

1. Go for coffee with your team members.

2. If your predecessor is still at Doxa Deo, have a best practice conversation with them.

3. Discuss weekly/monthly meeting rhythms with your leader.

There are certain tools you need to be able to fulfil your role. Please make certain that you have done the following to ensure you have everything you need:

1. If you still have any unsigned documents, please return the signed documents to your Campus/SMU Manager/Leader.

2. Finalise your office space with your Campus/SMU Manager/Leader, ensuring that you have everything you need.

3. Finalise your IT requirements, including internet access, email address and printing privileges via your Campus/SMU Manager/Leader.

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