Conclude Orientation Process

You've reached the end of your orientation process, but there are still a couple of things you need to do:

1. Diarise the New Team Members Orientation meeting you will be attending this term. (Amanda Nel will send the date to you.)

2. Schedule meetings with peers in other SMU's to discuss each others' functioning and learn from one another.

3. Start the LDP (Leadership Development Process) on Trello. Nico Nell leads this process and will invite you to the Trello board. Be sure to send your Trello user name to him at [email protected].

We'd love your feedback on your orientation journey:

1. Please send any feedback or suggestions on your orientation journey to Nico Nell ([email protected]).

2. Please complete a Gallup Q12 questionnaire on how you found your orientation by obtaining a questionnaire link from Nico Nell ([email protected]).

3. Discuss the results of the Gallup Q12 questionnaire with your SMU Leader and make sure to send those results to Nico Nell ([email protected]).

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